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"Thank you very much Wayne. I have to tell you it has been a very easy and painless process dealing with you. We deal with many different vendors and you are by far one of the best ones to do business with."
- Amanda Wendling, Training and Development, Foremost Insurance

Vital Learning provides great ready-to-use training materials for your training program. Deliver training that has a lasting impact using Vital Learning's robust Facilitators Guide and engaging Participant Workbooks. The Vital Learning Facilitators Guide includes; complete instructions, sample course outlines, agendas, handouts, overheads, PowerPoint and video DVD's to support your in-house delivery. The thorough instruction contained in the Facilitators Guide allows trainers to present dynamic workshops without having to obtain costly certification.

Vital Learning Corporation is an international provider of award-winning training materials in leadership, customer service, sales, employee productivity and other employee skills. Over a million learners have improved their on-the-job performance through Vital Learning curricula that delivers business results to companies and organziations of all sizes. Learning modules are available in classroom, online and blended learning packages.

 DiSC Products

 Vital Learning Products

Self analysis and understanding are the starting point for individual and team growth. DiSC has been helping people and organizations grow for over 30 years. DiSC Profiles are now also available in online format (EPIC) and deliver even greater insights for enhanced personal and team performance. Performance Partners can provide dynamic workshops for your organization using DiSC products or we can supply you with DiSC products for use with your own in-house training program.

DiSC Products:

  • Everything DiSC
  • DiSC Classic Profile
  • Team Dimensions Profile
  • Time Mastery Profile
  • Discovering Diversity Profile
  • Dimensions of Leadership Profile
  • Personal Listening Profile
  • Work Expectations Profile
  • Adventures in Attitudes

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Vital Learning Course Catalog

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