In today's busy organizations many employees do not have the time for traditional classroom-style training. Take advantage of Vital Learning's eLearning courses to get the training your employees need, when they need it! Our eLearning format is designed to maximize participant learning while minimizing time away from the job. Employees can work at their own pace, during downtime, instead of juggling projects and work duties to make the time for training classes. You can also choose to have your own on-line campus with Vital Learning's Learning Management System (LMS) where you can register and track student participation. Our program includes a wide range of leadership, customer service, sales and productivity topics. Contact us to find out how effective, convenient and economical eLearning can be! 

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Vital Learning - Online Courses

Our ej4 eLearning programs are new and revolutionary. Each course module is 10 minutes or less in length. They are packed with just the right amount of information delivered in a clear, concise fashion. ej4 programs eliminate the "I don't have time for training" excuse. Moreover, they are high quality videos that have impact and can be viewed on any PC, laptop or mobile device. Learning to-go! ej4 courses cover over 2,000 topics including: Selling Skills, HR/Compliance, Supervision/Leadership, Safety, Software Skills, Negotiating Skills, Presentation Skills and Professional Productivity.

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